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Book Review

“HOW TO SCORE BASEBALL, Advanced Edition” By Robert Bulka

This is a comprehensive, well-written book that could easily have been titled “Everything you always wanted to know about scoring a baseball game, but were afraid to ask.”   It’s been years since I’ve scored a game but I wasn’t the least bit daunted in reading the book. I mean how many things could have changed in the last few decades?  A hit’s a hit, a ball’s a ball and a run’s a run.  Well to start with a hit isn’t necessarily a hit as Robert carefully points out in his score keeping basics.

Standard Baseball Scorecard

But this isn’t your ordinary book.  This is a book full of instruction and explanation that helps the reader understand “why” each entry must be carefully entered into a specific area on the scorecard.  It’s a how-to book that’s actually fun as I felt…

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