Like They Always Said…..Pitching, Pitching, Pitching…..

The Mets may or may not win the National League East. The season is still too young and Washington is locked and loaded. But with Noah Syndegard’s start and win today, you have to sit back and marvel at the starters they will send out there every day (barring of course injuries).

DeGrom…….the unspoken ace……Harvey….the back page star with the stats to back it up……..the old man….a strike throwing machine……….underrated Jon Niese……..

And then there’s Zach Wheeler who will not contribute this year but he’ll be back next year to solidify the rotation.

But the Mets albatross continues to be scoring runs. David Wright could very well be the next Don Mattingly whose march to the Hall of Fame disappeared with a bad back and early retirement. Don’t think it can’t happen with Wright too.

They need a thumper in the middle of the lineup if they hope to seriously challenge and make the playoffs.

Sandy Alderson………your move.


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