The Robinson Cano Heist

There have been countless others but Robinson Cano appears to be fighting to secure his place as the owner of the biggest contract heist in the history of baseball.

I always wondered………..Seattle? Why would you want to go there……especially going there from a storied franchise like the Yankees. Now, I know why. It’s the perfect place to hide a $240million contract when you are hitting .260 with one home run in June.14620717307_4f0dd35d32_h1-268x320

Watching him nonchalant a relay throw to first that forced a tie scoring run to come home last night against Tampa Bay reminds me of all the reasons why the Yankees didn’t push to sign him.

The old saying is true……”where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Cano’s former batting coach spoke out about his lack of hustle and general malaise. Baseball Prospectus went even further with an article that statistically “proves” his approach to the game costs his team runs (both links below). images-1

For the average fan, lack of hustle or the appearance of not trying in any professional sport is the cardinal sin, especially when big money is involved. Because most of us can only dream about doing what these players do for a living.

Players like Cano have the God given talent to be better than just good. Derek Jeter, Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout……..ever see them not run all out to first base? No way……these men are professionals and they earn their money…….


Kevin Long

Baseball Prospectus




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