New Life – New Plan (A-Rod and the Yankees)

As I was walking from the parking garage to Yankee Stadium last Sunday, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sprawling and magnificent city park that now sits where the old stadium was situated.

Countless ballfields, countless numbers of inner city kids off the streets and playing on green grass in the open air………..

It caused me to reflect on the  bonus owed to A-Rod by the Yankees. A sticky situation no doubt images-3with each side trying to tip toe around a sudden thaw in the relationship………especially eased by A-ROD’s resurgence this year. And after all, $6 million is a chunk of change.

But what if the two sides could get together and reach a common images-2ground? And what if that common ground was to donate the entire sum to charity and earmark the money to the kids who use this city park.

How many balls, bats and gloves could be bought with $6 million? How many off duty cops could be hired to ensure the safety of the kids using the park. How many players could be paid their expenses to conduct a clinic when school is out for the summer………and so much more. The interest alone each year would pay for most of these costs.

And as a real bonus (for them),  it would all be accomplished in the names of Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees.

Alex…….the first move should be yours. The Yankees can’t say no……go for it!

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