David Wright – The End Is Near

I wrote about this a few weeks ago ( Pitching, Pitching, Pitching) in a related post when it was first revealed that David Wrightimages-8 was afflicted with “back issues”. We know now that it’s more than that and his injury is career threatening.

Yankee fans sadly remember the potential Hall Of Fame career of Don Mattingly that was cut short because of incurable back pain and disease.

Wisely, the Mets have adopted a move forward approach to this development by moving Tejada to second and Murphy to third as a band aid for now. Hopefully, Sandy Alderson is on the prowl for a  permanent solution.

Meanwhile, Wright has  a reserved seat on the Mets bench………………..i-118a very expensive one at that. This is the lesson of long term contracts. You have a franchise player on a team starving for attention in the New York megalopolis……….with a Jeter like persona……you give him the $$………..and behold…..his body breaks down.

But the good news is that this may be a blessing in disguise for the Mets. Because David Wright is a link to the past attached to a legacy of losing in a town that doesn’t tolerate it.

For the Mets, it may very well be the time to move on. For David Wright, it may be time to begin thinking about life after baseball.

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