What The Most Valuable Player (Award) Should Mean

The award for Most Valuable Player (MVP) is given yearly to one player in each league at the end of list-of-mlb-trophies-06the season. The award is often misconstrued as the Player Of The Year award  which doesn’t (but maybe should) exist. So often, we have a player who leads the league in virtually all offensive categories claiming the award with little or no thought being given to how valuable he was to his team.  Where (for example) did his team finish in the standings? Did he personally have a good year while his team floundered in the depths of division basement……

It is for this reason I ask myself only one question when considering a MVP candidate………..Where would his team be without him? Would they have won the division without him………and if the answer is yes then how could he be  most valuable? Conversely, a negative answer means that he has meant the most to his team by literally carrying them on his back to a winning season.

A player of this caliber in the 2015 season has beenimages-9 Mark Texieira of the New York Yankees. Because without his offensive contributions to this point in the season, his team would be battling the Red Sox for last place instead of Tampa Bay for first place.

I know….I know……..he’s only hitting .230. Yes, he is…..but he is a run producer! Remember, runs win games and he’s leading the league in RBI and is currently tied for the lead in home runs.

Where would the Yankees be without him?

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