The Real Ace Of The Mets Staff

Generally, major league teams consider the “Ace”  of their starting pitching staff to be the one guy who you can rely on to go out there every fifth day pitching well enough (consistently) to give your team a chance to win the game.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

This is usually measured by a stat termed “quality starts” ( 6 innings minimum giving up three runs or less).

Most of the N.Y. media long ago appointed Matt Harvey (shown here demonstrating his level of maturity with his middle finger) as the Ace of the Mets Staff.  To be sure, while he has demonstrated flashes of brilliance he has been anything 14815987731607.BU7vgGIi8fyAiHVZIK5i_height6402but  consistent.

Jacob deGrom is the real ace (and face) of the N.Y. Mets. And I’m thinking not only about his  stats which clearly outweigh Harvey’s – but the public persona he brings to a team clearly looking to replace their fallen hero – David Wright.

Can you even imagine deForm posing for a pic with his middle finger raised….ain’t gonna happen. Unlike Harvey, he lets his right arm do all the talking. And right now, though you’ll never hear anyone on the Mets say it,  it’s the young and talented Jacob deGrom they look to every fifth day.

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