It’s Okay To Feel Good About A-Rod’s 3000 Hits

There have been 18,000 Major League ballplayers. Only twenty-nine have had 3,000 or more hits. ap_rodriguez_lb_150619_16x9_992That’s really all you need to know about Alex Rodriguez reaching that level of play last night with a home run off a 95mph fastball from Justin Verlander.  Everything else is irrelevant or charged with politics.

Consider this……..To reach 3000 hits, a player needs to average 200 hits over fifteen years.  Most players don’t even have a career lasting that long. images-1When Rodriguez retires, he will do so as the only player in baseball history with 600 home runs, 2000 RBI, and 3000 hits.

He did what he did and if you had a private moment with him over a beer he probably might say he would have done some things differently. But who among us could not say the same thing about our own lives. images-2

There are two things about Alex Rodriguez that tell me a lot……..One……he is loved and respected by his peers in the clubhouse. 17679887-mmmainAnd second, he loves to play baseball and goes full bore every game.  That’s his usually stoic manager Joe Girardi in the above photo after A-Rod’s 600th home run…… can tell… see  a bond and level of respect there. And that’s what really matters.


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