It all boils down to this……..if one game meant everything and your season was on the line…….which Met starter would you send out there (today!)?

We all know about the hype surrounding Matt Harvey…….some of it being his own hype……but really……is Matt Harvey really “MATT HARVEY” this year? He’s coming off arm surgery finding his way back again and Hall of Famer John Smoltz has relevant thoughts on that….New York Mets Spring Training at their Minor League practice facility located within Tradition Field in Floridabut clearly the most dominant Mets starter these days is Jacob DeGrom. 

Consistency counts. All other Met starters ( including Harvey) represent a crapshoot all or nothing result. When it’s good, it’s often great ( Syndegaard and Matz fall in here)…..but when it’s not you go home in October and it’s the old cry Met fans have been laboring under…..Wait till next year……

And that is why Terry Collins images-17and the Mets coaches need to start now to insure that DeGrom is not only primed and ready for the playoffs – but also is in line to face every opponent in every series with playoff implications. Not an easy task by any means but it’s one that will not only affect the future of the Mets season but Terry Collins job as well………and it should be that way…….










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