We get all worked up about this trade deadline thing and often forget that some of the biggest “trades” have been made after the July 31 deadline via the waiver clause……but let’s take a look at what’s transpired so far looking at the impact…….or overall non-impact of these changes of scenery for some of the big names dealt so far……

The Royals landed  Johnny Cue to. An impressive addition to their staff images-19and no doubt one of the the premier  starters in the game today. Still, the unanswered question is how will he thrive in American League lineups stacked with  hitters top to bottom. We’ll see but it’s worth wondering about.

Troy Tulowiski…….another big name going to the Blue Jays….but what is images-21the added value of him over another pperennially injured player in Jose Reyes. Surely, it makes a splash in the hometown newspapers and talk radio……….and (cynically) maybe that’s the intent…..but beyond that……I don’t get it.

Basically, it boils down to this. Sellers (or at least they should be at this point in the season) like the Tigers and Padres should clean house as best they can to fortify the future………while buyers  beware the temptation to strike lightning in a bottle because…….well I challenge you………give me one or two examples of a player aquired now (in the past) who you can justify “made the difference” for the team that acquired him………

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