Last night, the fifth no hitter of the 2015 season was thrown by Mike Fiers  (right) against the Dodgers. Based on his 22-28 3.57 ERA over five seasons,images-14 it’s safe to say no one coming to the ballpark last night (including Fiers himself) would have been thinking to themselves….”Hey, we could see a no hitter tonight”.

And so it is with the other four (Hisashi Iwakuma, Cole Hamels, Max Shertzer, and Chris Heston). Noneimages-43 of these pitchers is destined to make a run at the Hall Of Fame – well maybe Shertzer (left) but that’s really a long shot. Instead, what we have here are two pretty good pitchers and three pedestrian hurlers who had one of those magical days when the plate seemed ten feet away and everything just felt “right”.

In contrast to this assembly of pitchers, consider this……..Sandy Koufaximages-30 (right) threw four no hitters including a perfect game in a injury abbreviated career. That was the most until Nolan Ryan (left) images-38came along tossing a mind boggling seven no hitters. When you came to the ballpark on a night they were pitching, you expected greatness and they often delivered it.  That’s not to diminish the achievement of all other no hit pitchers……….it’s only to say……let’s keep things in perspective.

Mike Fiers had a night that he, his family, and the lucky ones who were in attendance last night will never forget. Indeed, it was a good night for baseball. But on a night like this,  we also need to treasure and remember the “cut above the rest” performers who repeatedly brought excitement and perfection to the ballpark.

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