Nothing epitomizes the horror and disappointment of the Detroit Tigers this season than the all but invisible – though highly paid – performance of Justin Verlander images(right). From over the top….as seen here……he dominated  and made it all look so easy. Moreover, he appeared to be  having fun fine tuning his craft and seemed destined for a run at the Hall Of Fame. No more.

His has recorded only one win this season against six losses. Meanwhile, he is due $28 million per year through 2019. From the outside looking in, it’s difficult to speculate as to his state of mind relative to baseball. images-1 However, it’s much easier to see that the lure of celebrity has found a welcome home in the life of Verlander (seen here cuddled up with Kate Upton). 

Pitching in the majors is a grind. It requires stamina along with a willingness to fight through the inevitable injuries that occur during images-2an extended career. Recently, he has suffered  injuries but his resilience in coming back from them is seriously in question. Money can change everything…..especially big money….guaranteed money….as in the case of someone like Verlander. Maybe he no longer needs or wants baseball in his life. 

If so, maybe the jury should find the Tigers guilty instead of Verlander for awarding the contract extension when they could have waited.  I mean……put yourself in his place…..As a good looking 30 year old man, rich beyond any reasonable needs over a lifetime……..would you want the likes of Kate Upton on your arm….or a ice pack on your arm following every start. Sad comment on the state of many contracts (Robinson Cano???) in baseball today…..but good for Justin Verlander if that’s the route he chooses……

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