So, finally the real picture comes into focus. Matt Harvey took the mound last night facing the Nationals in a crucial game going 5.1 innings and giving up seven runs leaving the Mets with an almost impossible task ahead of them to win e game. And yet, they do exactly that….images-1win the game and increase their lead over the Nationals with Jacob DeGrom taking the hill tonight.

With the events of the past several days in mind, there’s a lesson to be learned for Met fans, but especially for Matt Harvey. It’s simple, the Mets don’t really need you.

They’ve got this. And no matter how far they carry this thing through the playoffs, last night they proved that they are a team that can win in spite of you. No doubt, the animosity towards you has waned in the clubhouse, as well it should because if not for the ill timed “advice” of Scott Boras, this would have been “just one of those starts” over the course of a long season. 

So again, this only proves (once again) that no one man is bigger than the TEAM when it comes to a winning formula. And despite the words and actions of Mr. Harvey, the Mets are gelling…..and it would be a good time for their self proclaimed star to climb aboard.

Tonight,the real ace of the staff Jacob DeGrom – (my opinion)  takes the mound and looks to cement the season for the Mets. Matt Harvey, take notice……..the New York stage is not quite yours yet.

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