Just a quick follow up on yesterday’s post only because I think it kind of puts everything in perspective when we assess the return value that Baseball Clubs are getting today versus what they are paying out.

The highest yearly salary rip-yogi-berra-L-2mSJWdYogi Berra made in his entire career was $65,000. I did some research and found that this translates into about $570,000 in today’s dollars. That figure is virtually the same as the minimum salary for Major League players today. In case you are wondering, the average Major League salary today is $4 million.

Understand, I don’t consider myself one of those who rattle the sword and say that Baseball is being ruined by the almighty dollar with profit seekers coming from everywhere ( owners, players, agents, TV, etc.). I’m not that jaded (yet).

But, idon’t you think these numbers are a bit skewed when you consider that Berra won ten World Championships while Mike Trout, Max Scherzer, Bryce Harper, and Mike Stanton have yet to win one.

It’s just another way of saying…………Yogi Berra was a special kind of ballplayer who collected World Series  Rings like some of these guys collect Gatorade commercials and endorsements.

And now that I think about it, maybe that’s why Yogi and Derek Jeter became such good friends……because each understood the inner gratification that stems from winning when you play a professional sport.

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