I don’t like to whine when I do this, but I’m sitting on my back deck in Catskill N.Y. The temperature is 57 degrees and AccuWeather says the wind chill is about the same. Trust me, it’s not. The East Coast is always damp at this time of the year and the chill as they say here “goes right through you”. Meanwhile……..

2015 Major League Baseball Playoffs begin this Tuesday, October 6, and will conclude 6a00d8341c630a53ef010535c99713970c-800wiNovember 4th if the World Series goes seven games around the same time as the NFL season is beyond its half way point. If any of the East Coast teams venture forward in the Playoffs (Toronto excepted because they have a domed venue), it’s likely – again- that we won’t be seeing the best of the best able to perform at their best because pitchers will be struggling to get a firm grip on the ball especially for breaking balls, while hitters will be praying to God they don’t hit one off the end of the bat that numbs their hands and arms for a few minutes or so.

This is supposed to be the Fall Classic, but it’s not. It turns instead to a grind to watch (much less attend) these games. They start late and end the next working day past or close to midnight – forget the kids – the future fans of tomorrow – it’s the television ratings that matter.

The owners insist on a prolonged 162 game schedule – over six months – which I don’t mind because I can’t get enough baseball – and I get it – COLD-BASEBALLthe East Coast is not the center of the universe anymore – but isn’t it time to reduce the schedule back to where it was at 154 games? Sometimes, less is more. And if the almighty dollar rules baseball, as it does the NFL, then maybe this should be a chance (fat chance maybe) for the owners to step up and demonstrate that they mean what they say……….that it’s really all about the fans. I’d like to go to the Yankees one game playoff….I’m a fan…..but there’s no way I’m going to sit there and freeze my butt off. Don’t believe me?……watch on TV how many empty seats the fat cats leave empty…..

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you. I promise I won’t do this again. 

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