Unlike the Cy Young Award for pitchers where the “Pitcher Of The Year”  captures the prize, the MVP Award is riddled with controversy. Should the award go to the “Player Of The Year” where stats rule, or by definition should the player “most valuable” to his team who has comparable stats earn the award? But hold on, it gets even more murky when you consider this…….should a player on a losing team (defined as they didn’t make the Playoffs) ever quality for the award, regardless of his stats? Having fun yet……but let’s give it a try.

Actually, it’s pretty easy this year since only one of the so-called favorites are going to the Playoffs. Which kind of makes the argument that these other players should  be considered for a newly created Player Of The Year award (MLB, your move) so “more valuable”performers like Andrew McCutchen, Jose Altuve, and yes even pitchers like Dallas Keutchel and Clayton Kershaw who I nixed yesterday from the Cy Young could be considered.

Nevertheless, it is what it is so let’s get on with it. In the National League both Paul Goldschmidt and Bryce Harper led the way with all the necessary stats. For Goldschmidt ( left), he simply solidified himself as one of the best in the game today with a repeat year that promises many more to come, while Harper (right) emerged as the star he was predicted to be when he was drafted. With that in mind, I’m going off the reservation a bit by giving the award to Goldschmidt. Because in my book, do it once (Harper) then do it twice…….and that way we know you are bona fide a la Mr. Goldschmidt. Plus, how about winning something other than for yourself like maybe a Division title (at least), Hey Bryce?

In the American League, the choice is much less complex. Miguel Cabrera (below) had another Miguel Cabrera  year, except this time the Tigers were (and continue to be) in a downward spiral with an aging team (Cabrera included) and seemingly nothing on the horizon to break the trend. So, he’s out of consideration. Mike Trout ( bless his heart)  (right) had another outrageous year at the plate and in the field) but despite his efforts the Angels finished as also rans in a hotly contested race with the Astros. That leaves Josh Donaldson (left) images-42 as “the man” this year who has carried the Blue Jays to where they sit today. All he needed was a couple of “commitments” from the the front office in David Price and Troy Tulowiski – and following that he was a run making machine. No one can say where the Jays would have finished without him, but we can surely say that he has had a phenomenal year and he IS going to the Playoffs.

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