We all have our favorite teams and players to root for. More than likely, we will continue to do so. But as genuine fans of baseball, we also need to acknowledge a changing of the guard and welcome new teams (potentially) into the fold as Baseball Dynasties. 

While we have witnessed the amazing run of the Yankees images-14in the late Nineties and early 2000’s, they have diminished in recent years to a shell of what they once were (and I say that as a fan of the team). Same with the Braves who put together a incredible string of Playoff appearances under Bobby Cox. The Giants and Cardinals are a close call in terms of a dynasty, but have fallen short of being able to put together a string of any kind.

Which leaves us looking ahead to the near future and asking the question – who has a chance to be dominant over the next three or four years?

Look no furtherimages-1 than the Mets, Cubs, images-2and Royals to see the future of baseball. Honorable mentions might also go to the Washington Nationals and Florida Marlins if they can ever get their acts together. But for now, this is where the power and interest of baseball lies. 

Dynasties in baseball are rare, especially if you take the Yankees out of the equation. Moreover, the events of free agency present overwhelming challenges to teams with young and attractive talent. Already, there is talk in New York about the possibility of Matt Harvey jumping ship and moving to the Yankees first chance he gets. But that’s later. For now, it will just be interesting to see how this plays out for these three (potentially) great teams…….

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