Before the World Series began, I asked what I believed were two pertinent questions. The first one revolved around the contest of the Met starters who consistently average between 95-97 mph and have a litany of strikeouts as their major weapon – and how that would fare against the Royals offense which doesn’t strike out, images-1seldom walks, and seems to have a propensity to string together five or six consecutive hits creating the big inning that often decides what was (until then) a close game.

You may already get the drift of where I’m going with this, but I also pointed to the distinct possibilityimages-38 that most (or even all) of the Mets rotation has ( or would soon) run into a wall based on innings pitched and plateaus never realized until now. Never was this more apparent than the wall Jacob DeGrom (above) smashed into last night. Cruising images-19along with electric and dominant stuff, all of a sudden he left a few pitches up in the zone and voila – the Royals being the Royals capitalize on these mistakes and turn the game around – for good ( Congrats Johnny Cueto – above right).

The facts of Baseball History stare at the Mets. Only eleven teams have come back from a 2-0 deficit to capture a Championship, and of those only seven have lost the first two games on the road. But, Met fans 27_jesseorosco.w250.h375take heart because in 1986 the Mets did exactly that. Will it happen this time? As a fan of baseball, like you perhaps I would love nothing more than to see a deciding seventh game

But as a baseball realist and self proclaimed historical follower of the game, this seems destinedrip-yogi-berra-L-2mSJWd to be the Royals year. After last year against the Giants, they have been waiting for this moment.  And judging by their performance in the first two games, they are not about to let this chance pass them by. Still, the games must be won on the field and who knows – it could be (as Yogi Berra said) deja vous all over again (1986).

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