I count seven Washington Nationals farm teams in their system. Each one has a Manager. Presumably, the Nationals front office has entrusted 635823230851849514-USP-MLB-Washington-Nationals-Press-Conferencetheir future to each of them. And yet, when the search is on for someone to take the Nationals to the next level,, they’ve ignored every one of them and hired a “retread” manager in Dusty Baker. We don’t like to put retread tires on our vehicle, but yet it’s okay to hire a retread to manage a Major League baseball team that is clearly dysfunctional and underachieving. This is not necessarily a knock on Baker who has a respectable mark of .540 as a Manager, but has he ever won anything? And what do you think would happen if the Nationals ended the 2016 season with a .540 record? Meanwhile, there are seven Managers in their system wondering…..”Hey, how about me?”. This is not a good situation for a team floundering for organizational and 25 man roster “teambuilding”. I would love to be the ears behind the walls when, for example, Baker has that conversation with the Golden Boy, Bryce Harper.

But, it doesn’t end there. From all reports, the Dodgers gerenx-largeare seriously looking at Bob Geren as a replacement for Don Mattingly ( who quickly “retreaded” himself to a job with the Marlins). Geren’s record as a Manager is below .500. Like Baker, his team has never won anything and he’s taking over a team who is expected to win everything? Come on, where’s the logic in that?

Meanwhile, someone like Wally Backman languishes in the Met’s farm system and he has wonwallyx-large everything there is to win at his level. Now hold on, I know he carries some baggage with him but I’ll tell you something else….he would surely light a fire under the bellies of these underperforming and privileged players on either team.

I’m just saying, can’t these front offices be a bit more original in their thinking before jumping head first into the pool……….

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