A record twenty potential free agents received qualifying offers from their respective teams this year. Each of them now have a week or so to accept the offer or enter the market as a free agent. The value of their offer is set by Major League Baseball at $15.8 million – not exactly chump change. In all a total of 34 players have received a similar offer since the rule was established and 34 players have rejected the offer.

For a handful of players on this year’s list, the offer is actually insulting. A  Zach Greinke (left), for instance, 635824158337272552-USATSI-8863004is due to be the Max Scherzer of this year’s market and he would be foolish to accept that kind of money. But for others, they should be thinking really hard about accepting the offer because aside from their own egos and all the b.s. their agents feed them, they should take the money and thank the Lord for his generosity.


Take someone like John Lackey (below) for instance. Here’s a guy who’s 37 years old and nearing retirement.635800206962391805-USATSI-8850478 He won 13 games for the Cardinals last year, he’s reliable, and gives you innings. But, what is he going to command in the marketplace? What team is going to give him a two or three year deal at his age 1402956349000-6-16-wietersfor a 3 or 4 starter at best? Another one is someone like Howie Kendrick who, if you look at his stats makes me wonder how he received a offer in the first place. Same with Matt Weiters (left) who looks more like the second coming of injury plagued Joe Mauer than a player who can command serious attention as a free agent.
But a more interesting case is Daniel Murphy. A 13th AP APTOPIX NLCS METS CUBS BASEBALL S BBN USA ILround draft pick by the New York Mets in 2006, Murphy (right)

has blossomed into a dynamic offensive star under hitting coach Kevin Long (why did the Yankees ever let him go). Challenged defensively, he still fights for every ball and comes up with more big plays than you would think.

More than that though, he is a deeply religious and family oriented man. Therefore, he is just the kind of individual who may look at $16 million as nothing to sneeze at and decide not to uproot his family for the sake of a few more bucks. Plus, his team just went to the World Series and there is no reason to think they won’t be there in 2016, 17, etc.

The Mets could make everyone happy by offering him a two year deal in the neighborhood of $33 million. He’s earned it and don’t forget – he’s of the few older life long Mets. 

It just seems to me that the money on the table should mean that if you invested it wisely, you’d be able to live on the interest alone for a year ($16 million earning a measly 3% would give you nearly a half million to spend without touching the principal). Plus, you could still be a free agent next year. As I said, the Zach Greinke’s live in a different world. These others need to get rid of the Scott Boras’s of baseball who think that everyone they represent is Mickey Mantle and question their agents seriously about who is representing who here. Don’t forget, these agents work on a commission. Daniel Murphy and the other 19 players do not. 

Daniel, stay home.


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