All you really need to know about Matt Harvey is not the fact that he pitched eight credible inningsimages-32 for the Mets in the final game of the 2015 World Series (as the ace of any staff is expected to do)……’s the fact that he missed a mandatory TEAM workout the day before the Playoffs began. And the fact that neither the Mets organization or Harvey himself have publicly addressed the issue gives you a glimpse into the”play” on both sides.

Look, full disclosure here……..I’ve had a problem with Matt The Brat since he announced to the masses that he was the second coming of Derek Jeterimages-35 and his singular goal in life is to have as many girls as Jeter (whatever that’s supposed to mean). To make it worse, the New York media fell right into step snapping photos of him with a girl on each arm for Page Six for weeks on end.

From there, it only got worse. He gets injured, has arm surgery, goes into rehab mode. Okay, that happens. images-44But Matt being Matt cannot go quietly into the sunset  doing his conditioning (like Zach Wheeler has done with the same injury this past season). No way, Harvey needs to constantly hound Mets management during the entire 2014 season to let him pitch before the year ends. He also insists on doing his rehab in New York – not Florida where the TEAM wants him. Doesn’t take a member of Mensa to figure this one out, right? New York is where the media is and the spotlight is always shining.

Enough……you get my drift, right? No need to mention the fiasco this year when the TEAM was fighting for its life over innings limits and maybe I’ll pitch in the playoffs or maybe I won’t…….

Dump while the dumping is good. Trade him – Now – before the cancer goes up to the point where it’s inoperable. Because that’s where the Mets are headed with Harvey. The stage at Citi Field is way too small for his (and Scott Boras’s) ego. In a few short years, he’s going to Hollywood! Oh, I know they all say he’s going to the Yankees. Don’t think so…….the Yankees are getting much smarter these days. But the Dodgers…..wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they had a $450 million payroll by then.

Barring injuries (always need that little proviso in there), images-28the Mets are set anyways. DeGrom (below), Syndegaard, Matz, and even a rebounding Niese…..they’re fine. Just ask yourself,images-38 wouldn’t you like to be Sandy Alderson (above right) holding the carrot out there for teams desperate for pitching? Think that might yield a power bat or two… bet it would! That could be your whole winter wrapped up tight in just one little trade. Sure would like to see it happen………and you get the sense that the Mets could easily sell it to their fan base which has not exactly been enamored with The Brat’s behavior of late……

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