For those who follow baseball, an intriguing question images (6)continues to be…….what role does money play in the game today….and does $$$ automatically equate to winning, and especially winning World Championships?

Off the top of your head, you might say – look at the success MLBtrophyTampa Bay has had in recent years in a devalued market and shrinking revenue, and that is true. But overall, what is the true value of money spent? I thought I’d take a look at this from a pure mathematical standpoint. Here are the results of this study……

First, I pulled up all World Series participants since 2005 to the present Next, I looked at the Opening Day  payrolls for these teams over the same years. I noted their payroll placement, added them up, and divided by the sample size (22) in order to produce a mean or average. The results show that the mean out of all 30 teams is 12.554, or slightly less than the halfway point of all teams.

In the World Series we are most familiar with, the Royals ranked 16th and the Mets 21st in payroll. Meanwhile, the Dodgers ( $300 million!), Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox with some of the highest payrolls were making golf dates when the World Series opened. 

So, maybe it reduces to the age old question……which do you prefer for your team of choice…….quantity or quality. The numbers clearly show that a mix is the best recipe. Because it’s not how much you spend, but how you spend whatever you spend. Makes for an interesting Hot Stove season, doesn’t it?

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