Five weeks ago, I took a stab at who might win the Cy Young (left) images (8)and MVP (below) awards in each league. Yesterday, the top three finalists were announced in each category (somebody had a good idea). The field looks remarkably images (7)similar to the players I predicted would be in contention, except for the inclusion of Sonny Gray who emerged as a candidate for the AL Cy Young. 

While my reasoning behind the selections I made remains constant, my selections now are a bit different, mainly because the Post Season is now over. In the same way I put stock in a player’s TEAM making the playoffs, I now think that player’s performance in the Post Season counts equally as much. So, let’s get to the picks…..

For the NL Cy Young, I picked Zach Greinke over Jake Arietta and I’m staying with Greinke 635824158337272552-USATSI-8863004who went wire to wire and never let up. Arietta’s year was equally as strong with a phenomenal 0.75 ERA over the second half. Do it once, do it twice (Corey Kluber couldn’t) and then Arietta gets more consideration down the road. Another great year for Kershaw too (301 strikeouts) but just not enough this year. Watch MLB Network’s breakdown of this race here.

For the AL Cy Young, I’m doing a bit of a switch moving from David Price over to the Astros Dallas Keutchel. DKNo doubt Price had a good year, but Keutchel went wire to wire for Houston literally steering them to the Playoffs. Meanwhile, Price came to Toronto in the middle of a front office all out blitz to move ahead of the Yankees as a “rental”. You can be sure we’ll be hearing more from Sonny Gray too. Watch the MLB Network’s analysis on video here.

The National League MVP Award will be a tight race also, but the edge over Bryce Harper has to go to Paul Goldschmidt. 

Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt

You don’t get into a fight with a teammate in full view of cameras if you are the most valuable player on your team. End of story. Harper will be here again, but he’s still very immature even for his age while Goldschmidt continues to pound the hell out of the ball in oblivion (Arizona). View the analysis on the MLB Network here.

Over in the American League, we have the judicious task of choosing between Mike Trout whose team once again fell short of the Playoffs images-13and Josh Donaldson whose team did make the Playoffs but died silently there. Again in this instance, we have a player in Donaldson who went wire to wire with no let up, while Trout struggled to play through injuries and the Angels couldn’t find a way to pick him up. It’s gotta be Donaldson who carried the Blue Jays on his back while the rest of the team was asleep. Again, you can view MLB Network’s analysis here.

Unfortunately, it’s not kindergarten and everyone doesn’t get a star…….

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