Once again, a-siegel-deadline
in tribute to the late newspaper journalist and reporter Jimmy Cannon, this piece attempts to capture the flavor of what he might be writing about today………

…..The Chosen One in this year’s free agency field images (9)appears to be Ben Zobrist, (right) who is flexible regarding defensive positions and has just enough offensive power to make him a valued addition for several teams. Reasonably priced, watch the scramble for his services carry well into the winter.

…..When are the owners of the Tampa Bay Rays just gonna images (10)wave a white flag and move the team to a real (potentially) big league city? San Antonio, Texas comes to mind……cynically the answer might be pretty simple….despite the underwhelming support of their fan base, the owners are still making $$$$.

…..Even more than his outstanding abilities with a ball imagesor bat in his hand, Zach Greinke is a student of the game. So much so that he was a welcome resource in the Dodgers war room on Draft Day last year. If he wants, his next career will be as a General Manager of a (lucky) major league team.

…..What are the Minnesota Twins waiting for? Torri Hunter belongs in your front office somewhere, or at least in a bona fide position within your organization. Grab him before someone else does.

…..Kudos to Colby Rasmus, Brett Anderson, and Matt Wieters (below)  1402956349000-6-16-wietersfor breaking the ridiculous streak of 34 qualifying offers being extended and 34 rejected.  They chose to eat the $16 million carrot and they will still have the opportunity to test the market next year. On the other hand…..

…..There’s Daniel Murphy who forfeited that kind of AP APTOPIX NLCS METS CUBS BASEBALL S BBN USA ILchump change to venture into the unknown world of free agency. There’s an old saying with regards to free agents……a player is worth as much as any (one!) team is willing to pay. He’d better hope that team is out there (maybe the Cubs are a fit) who can afford to overcome or overlook his defensive liabilities.

…..If you haven’t found this invaluable baseball website, Baseball Reference has it all. And I mean all……want to see a box score from a game ( any game) in 1952, stats for players past and present……it’s my go-to source for anything baseball.

…..Despite his ubiquitous first few weeks with the New York Mets, images-134Yoenis Cespedes will be a thorn in the side of any team that chooses to sign him. Easily, he could turn out to be the next coming of Manny Ramirez…..big bat and a big pain in the ass…..any takers?….I’m sure there will be…..

Thank you Jimmy Cannon for your inspiration…..

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