Dallas Keutchel (check), Bryce Harper (incorrect), Jake Arietta (incorrect), and Jeff Donaldson (check). That’s how it went in the Cy Young and MVP Awards for me. 
Noticing that both of my incorrect picks were unanimous winners certainly is something to give me pause. Maybe it’s time to hop on the Bryce Harper bandwagon……who knows. What I do know though is that Paul Goldschmidt is wallowing away in the Arizona desert and no one seems to recognize him. Or, maybe Bryce Harper is just that good.

Rookie Of The Year honors…….not really a big deal when you consider that such household names as Tom Tresh, Curt Blefary, John Castino, Pat Listach, and Marty Cordova also were awarded this honor. It’s nice, but prove it twice.

The Comeback Player Of The Year award puts me over the top though. How many pitchers in recentimages-48 years have undergone Tommy John surgery…..hundreds? And how many have been through successful rehab and come back stronger than ever……lots….right? So, why is Matt Harvey singled out for doing something that is rather commonplace in today’s game? Beats me.

Manager Of The Year, I would have given the award to any of the finalists. I have a soft spot in my images-17heart for Terry Collins (and I believe Joe Maddon does too) for all the years he’s put in working on his craft as baseball “lifer”, but he was awarded a new contract by the Mets – and after all – as much as they may love the game, it’s financial security that counts the most.

Next up will be the Hall Of Fame selections. More on that later. Be Well.



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