If there is one thing the 2015 season demonstrated, it’s that younger (read athletically) constructed teams were the ones who played well into October. In essence, speed kills. Whether you’re talkingimages-1 about a fast ball consistently in the 95-97 mph range (Mets starters) or quick thinking and athleticism on the base paths, or swift and reliable ball tracking in the outfield (Royals on both counts)  – all winning teams (add the Cubs, Astros, and Pirates too) have speed as a common thread between them.


Which brings us to the Yankees. We all know and the Yankees even seem to know that they are an agingdownload (8) and degrading team. We all know why too, and the Yankees seem to recognize it too……..they brought in talent that was past their prime, paid for it handsomely, and saddled themselves with long term counterproductive contracts. In fact, the only moment of sanity came when they let the Mariners take a page from their book signing Robinson Cano for $240 million.

However, the good news is that most of the chains will be images (24)lifted following the 2016 season when the likes of Teixeria, Sabathia, and possibly A-Rod are removed from the payroll. Hanging around and future burdens for the same reasons will be Brett Gardner (right) and Brian McCann. 

Fortunate for the Yankee$, gate receipts mean virtually nothing. Just alone from TV monies, and merchandising (they’re still #1), the stockholders will still rack up profits – even if attendance goes down. By the way, don’t tell anyone but actual attendance AT GAMES has gone down. Besides, the Mets are the team in town now so why play a losing hand by going out and spending more bad money…..

Instead, keep all your pieces in place (read don’t sell the farm), give the Refsnyder’s, the Sanchez’s (below left), the Birds a chance to play and blossom. download (7)Who cares if Teixeria gets only 200 at bats….been there done it….instead let’s see Greg Bird get 400 at bats and Luis Severino get 30 starts. Besides, you can’t tell me that Tex, with all the injuries he’s had over the past three seasons, is having “fun” playing baseball anymore.

Give it up…….and go with the kids…..

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