Shortly, Commissioner Manfred will come down with a decision regarding the Pete Rose “situation” we are all familiar with. In fairness, images (30)perhaps the following compromise should be implemented. In essence, the Commissioner should say something like – “Pete, your accomplishments on the field are unprecedented and you should be acknowledged for that…..but off the field you remain a dark blot on our sport and therefore it is my judgment that…….

You should and will be added to the Hall Of Fame ballot for consideration next year based on your having recorded the most hits of any player who has ever played this game. But, you will never be welcome to wear a uniform in any ballpark or major league facility henceforth based on the nature of your gambling addiction. Baseball remains willing to help you in this area, but that is my judgment (made) in the best interest of baseball.

Pete Rose belongs in the Hall Of Fame but nowhere near a ballpark associated with Major League Baseball and here’s why…..

Unlike the steroid users who are rightfully being images (32)“punished” by the baseball writers who continue to ignore them on their HOF ballots, the Pete Rose who played baseball and did what he did (on the field)….. and there is no association with cheating as there clearly is the body “enhancers”.  Off the field however, he was a mess. Two separate things…….

And for one he should be applauded, but for the other he should be condemned. Elect him into images (33)the Hall hands down…..but wipe his face (hello FOX TV) off the planet. My grandchildren don’t need to see or hear anything from him…..but like the surly “spikes up” Ty Cobb….they should surely know he was one of the best to have ever played the game…..

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