download (24)Play along with me here in assembling a list of things we’d like to see happen during the 2016 Season……here’s a few of mine….what would be some of yours (see the comments section)……..

**** The young arms on the Met’s pitching staff hold up and we get to see a full season from them with no injuries

download (26)**** In the same vein, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Giancarlo Stanton can play 155 games putting up the numbers we all know he is capable of.

**** The Chicago Cubs being greeted  at the White House as World Champions by President Obama just before he leaves office in January.

**** An announcement made by MLB that the 2018 All Star Game will be played in Havana, Cubaimages (2)

**** The “shift” backfire on the manager using it in the bottom of the ninth of the seventh and final game of the World Series

**** The Yankees holding their breath once again at the trading deadline in July and doing absolutely nothing, opting instead for those ugly contracts to expire at the end of the season

**** The Commissioner stepping in to remind the folks in Tampa – and especially the City Council – that having a Major League team in your city is a PRIVILEGE (and not a right) that can be easily taken awaydownload (25)

**** Sonny Gray and Jacob DeGrom win the Cy Young in their respective leagues

**** Spike Lee, Derek Jeter, Jerry Seinfeld, and Michael Jordan form a partnership to buy the New York Yankees

**** Both Wild Card teams advance to the World Series proving once again that the regular season is just a bunch of exhibition games and winning a Division or 100 games gets you nothing

**** Finally, how  about Chris Berman retiring along with his boring “Back, Back, Back” home run call.


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