On the surface, it would appear to be the proverbial chicken and the egg question…….why are there not more women involved in Major League Baseball? download (22)Is it because it’s one of the last bastions of a “Men’s Club” and doors remain closed to women who want to pursue a career in baseball…..or is their lack of presence in the game due to the probability that women never even think of pursuing a career in baseball……..

The answer could be neither or a combination of both…..I’m not sure…..but here’s what I do know. Women who love baseball really LOVE baseball. And, they not only love the game…..download (21)they KNOW the game. So why then is there only one female executive in the MLB offices today. Yes, I’m afraid so…..she is Kim Ng who is a Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations (just under Joe Torre). Originally signed by Brian Cashman, her most recent position was Assistant GM with the Los Angeles Dodgers until her promotion. But that’s it……there is no one else I could find in my research for this piece. Sad, but true. While it is evident that women have generally transformed the American workplace….for the better……why not baseball?

Well, how about women playing the game at a higher level?  Not so much. But again, is it a biological download (23)and physiology matter, or is it that this area is not being tested by a woman who says to herself….”I want to play center field for the New York Yankees?”……Historically, we have seen a few who appear to possess skills and talent to maybe reach a higher level…..Mo’ne Davis comes to mind when she spun fastballs to the plate at 75-80 mph as a Little Leaguer,  but it’s a high risk venture for anyone and much more so for a woman.

Perhaps, davis2the most talented woman who played baseball was Tori Stone who played for the Indianapolis Clowns in the Negro Leagues (link to the museum Here). She once replaced Hank Aaron when he was promoted and singled giving Sachel Paige a close shave. Unfortunately, she was both black AND a woman and never progressed to the Majors.

But hold on, there is better news. Females are gravitating to maybe a middle ground….umpiring. MLB itself predicts that we will see a woman umpire in the Major Leagues within six years. Ria Cortesio is one of those on the fast track as seen here in this video handling a situation in AA ball. Pam Postema also umpired a game during Spring Training (video) so it’s not a stretch to believe it won’t happen. Baseball will be better if it does.

In the beginning, I stated that (in my experience) women who are baseball fans…are fervent fans. The doors would appear to be open to those who wish to walk through them, in much the same way that the private sector welcomed women with talent to the upper echelons of many corporations. For those that opt to do so, good luck……because baseball needs your talent, ideas, and organization skills as the game moves further into the 21st Century…….

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