I thought it might be fun to put together some phraseology we hear all the time from announcers and commentators as we listen to or watch a ballgame. In many cases, they’ve become part of the “sound track” of a broadcast and we don’t even pause to think about their origins or meaning. So, put your imagination hat on as we look behind the words………………..Here’s a few of mine………

1).  Here comes the payoff pitch”   

imageWhat does “payoff” have to do with anything? It’s a 3-2 full count pitch to the batter. No one is getting paid off.

 2).  “The runner is rounding first and on his way to second ”    

“Rounding” suggests that you are circling around something. But actually, a good base runner touches the inside of the bag……..he doesn’t round anything.

3).   And there’s a soft line drive to center”

How can a line drive be hit softly? 

4).   Print“He’s getting into trouble because he’s nibbling around the plate”

Wrong, he’s getting into trouble because he’s plain missing the plate.

5)    “He missed that one by a country mile”

As opposed to what- an urban mile? Doesn’t matter – he struck out!

6) image   “He really didn’t have his best stuff today”

He stunk up the place and he had no business even getting out of bed today.

7)    “Well, that’s gonna give him the hat trick for today”

If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll think he did something good instead of going 0 for 4 and striking out four times.

8)    “And there’s a high fly ball to right……..”

I”m trying to recall the last time I saw a low fly ball to right.

9)    images (2)“Looks like that one got away from him….He didn’t mean to hit him with that pitch”

Really now……….

10)    “This team is a lot better than what we’re seeing today”

Actually, they probably aren’t and they’re proving it again today.








  1. it’s called the “payoff pitch” because either the batter or pitcher is going to be rewarded for a tough AB. Hence…the “payoff.”

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