Continuing in the tradition and celebration of the late Jimmy Cannon’s  nationally syndicated column, here is the fourth installment of Nobody Asked Me But……….

*****  Just teasing……. but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn that Ian Kennedy’s wife has moved into the spare bedroom in the aftermath of her husband’s turndown of a $16 million qualifying offer from the Padres while remaining on the unemployment line for 2016.

*****  Major League Baseball should begin working now with the State Department to arrange for the 2019 All Star Game to be held in Havana, Cuba. MLB has already shown this kind of leadership with a recent three day visit by a contingent of players that reunited families for the first time ever on Cuban soil………this would solidify the bond.

*****  Hell can freeze over before Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens make the Hall of Fame………Barry Bonds not so much.

*****  Look for the trade market to heat up in the coming weeks. Teams who withheld from the free agent market like the Yankees, the Tigers, Mets, and White Sox have some salary room left along with holes that need to be filled soon.

*****  Guess who appears on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next year…….Manny Ramirez ! Wonder what (outfield) hole he’ll burst out of to annoy everyone when the balloting heats up next January.

*****  I still feel sad that Pete Rose won’t have a shot at being elected to the Hall in his lifetime.

*****  Don’t be surprised if Jacob DeGrom and Sonny Gray both make a run for the Cy Young this year.

*****  I’ll read anything that Mike Lupica writes.




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