We’ve seen these plays time and time again in baseball. We often wonder why do they even bother. What’simage the use – do you think this is Little League? Are major league ballplayers that naive…..or is the employed strategy so sublime that it’s genius in design and bound for success more often than we think?

Just for fun, I’ve put together a few videos that capture the essence of trying to out think the opposition in baseball. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it makes for pretty good entertainment.

Here’s one we see ad nausium. The infamous fake to third and throw to first play. In this calculated strategy, with runners on first and third the pitcher steps off the rubber and fakes a throw to third, then pivots back to first hoping to catch the runner at first napping or loping to second. Ever see it work? I’ve never caught it working “live” yet, but every once in a blue moon…….see what happens here.  How would you like to walk into the dugout after that one……

Then, we have the case of the case of the ritualistic intentional walk. Usually, a good time to check your email, right? But often we forget – a pitcher is mentally geared to throw strikes and not balls. So, things can get out of sorts as seen here in this video.

Or, sometimes the thinking goes beyond the realm of the norm and we are surprised by a sudden turn of events that fakes everyone out and leaves us wondering – why isn’t this done more often? Watch what happens In this video  and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s another one……and anyone who has played Little League baseball is familiar with this one because we all tried it and probably had the same result the negative odds would have given us for success…….except that once in a while it works!  Watch here  as the ole hidden ball trick works to perfection at the Major League level.

But once in a good long time, a major leaguer will survive the test as witnessed by this video here  of  a pitcher no less (A J Burnett) dodging a bullet.

Hey, it’s the off season……..no need to be serious here……..that time (happily) will be coming soon. Thanks for your continued interest in this blog….


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