Since November 2015 when this post first appeared, precious little has been announced regarding Baseball’s acknowledgment of Mr. Scully’s 67th and final year as a broadcaster. The Dodgers did step up on Friday by announcing that their new mailing address henceforth will be One Vin Scully Avenue and Scully himself said he would like to “do a few road games” on the West Coast. But health permitting, MLB should be seeking to have this man on the road for the entire season as a guest announcer in as many cities as can be managed, including the All Star Game and the 2016 World SeriesMLB, and in particular Commissioner Manfred,  –  step it up and do the right thing……….

The other night, Vin Scully was presented with the 635764767173697623-SW10-VIN-0624-25147461Bush Award See the MLB video here). True to form, he was able to recount numerous stories about the former President ( George H.W.) off the top of his head while maintaining the “folksy”  laid back image baseball fans have come to love.

If you don’t already know, 2016 will be his final year of broadcasting baseball. It’s been a career that spans 67 years! InsideSocalThink about it. When he began his journey, World War Two was still a fresh wound and Neil Armstrong was only 17 years old. Paul McCartney was an infant and Richard Nixon was still 21 years away from the White House.

Vin Scully never reached for the headlines (a la a Howard Cossell, Dandy Don Merideth, just to name a couple). TheHundreds-AlecBanks_VinScullyInstead, he captured the true meaning of baseball being a simple, pastoral, and serene game that didn’t need magnification and glittery graphics to announce its presence. Call what you see (in a even professional voice), add anecdotes about players and situations as they arise (not ones discussed in the  FOX or ESPN “pre-production meeting” and then blasted out), just relax……it’s baseball…..and not the apocalypse.

I’m hoping that as we move into September of next year 635799245013170822-USATSI-8820076the accolades will be building. Put simply, there will never be another like him. I envision a sunny L.A. day (for example) when President Obama attends a game at Dodger Stadium and presents Mr. Scully with the Distinguished Citizen Award. I also envision Major League Baseball inviting him to call the play by play in the 2016 World Series. Sorry, but it’s a no brainer.

That, my friends, would be a fitting conclusion to a man’s career of the caliber of Vin Scully. In the meantime, during the Hot Stove season I urge you to take the time to explore the Scully sound clips that have been assembled on the Sights And Sounds Of Baseball website. In particular, don’t miss the clip of his final innings call of a Sandy Koufax no-hitter ( search is towards the bottom of the page).

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