I’m bored already with the endless cascade of so called “predictions ” about the 2016 season even before Spring Training officially begins. Two days ago, for instance, the USA Today crowned the Nationals, Giants, and Boston among others as Division winners. The New York Mets don’t even make the cut for the playoffs.

All of what they predict may turn out to be true, but if we step back and remember that 162 games remain to be played , it does get kind of ridiculous…

What is the use, for example, of predicting anything when injuries play as much a role in a team’s success as home runs and batting averages? And yet, we can expect a continuing barrage of these procrastinations from media who need to fill print and talk radio space…

But here are the questions they should  be asking…… And not answering…..

Will a 70 year old  Dusty Baker be able to relate to a Bryce Harper and turn a dysfunctional clubhouse into a “team” that is crucial and a prerequisite to winning?

Will the Mets be able to reach a balance between the young studs and budding stars who want the ball every day while “protecting” them from themselves, and will Cespedes make enough of a difference in a short lineup to score enough runs day in and day out?

Do the Dodgers have enough pitching to offset the loss of Zach Greinkes and what the heck do they (finally) do with Mr. Puig?

Does Josh Hamilton (in the all important three hole) have a chance in hell of playing a minimum of 120 games for the Rangers…… And if he physically can….will person issues intervene yet again ….

Do the Cubbies have the mental fortitude to not only hold off the Pirates and Cardinals but to take it all the way to the World Series and beyond?

Will the Diamondbacks forget the promises of last year by responding to a very supportive management and ownership by stealing a division from the Dodgers and Giants?

Do the Yankees have the ability to hang in there in a division that is once again up for grabs and will they be able to escape “father time ” for their aging and very expensive stars?

Is there a sleeper in the mix? The Tigers,Padres, and White Sox have all improved on paper……

Do the Pirates get tired of being a very good losing team and surge to the top of a talent overloaded Central Division?

Do the Red Sox have enough pitching to get them to a playoff spot and does Mr. Ortiz go out with a whimper or a bang…. And does Dustin Pedroia have enough in the tank to be Dustin Pedroia again?

Do the Giants forget that this is a even year and play like they do when it’s a odd number year?

Does the Cardinals stranglehold dynasty in the NL Central finally reach a breaking point in their ever producing farm system?

I could go on well into the night…..but you get the drift…..


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