Dear Yeonis,

I read with great interest what you said when you signed a front loaded contract to bring your talents to the city imageof New York and a Mets team that came oh so close to winning a World Championship.

As I recall, you spoke enthusiastically about coming back to a team and a clubhouse that welcomed you with open arms last August………. And how excited you were about the 2016 season when you (along with your teammates) would continue to build on the comraderie you built last year.

So tell me, imagewhat is all this stuff I see in the local sports pages about where I see you driving one outrageous and expensive vehicle after another to the spring training complex……..posing for pictures…….drawing attention to yourself every single day……what’s up with that?

Okay, it was cute and funny when you showed up with that three wheeler and everyone had a laugh…..but guess what………nobody cares! You are a professional baseball imageplayer who is being paid the handsome sun of $25 million for your “services” this year.

So put your toys away and get on the field and start to prepare yourself (as your teammates are trying to do) for a long and hopefully fruitful winning season.



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