It’s always fun to be present at this time of the year as we approach the renewal of a baseball season when all things are bright and Spring Training becomes a memory that is soon lost in the posting of standingsimage      that actually count as the long season begins.

Because at this time of the year, all thirty teams have hope that is not only the breadth of spring in the air, but also the promise that yesterday is no more and this is a brand new season that holds mystery and intrigue that could imagelead to places yet unknown……..

But rather than joining the ever expanding list of “predictors “, I thought it might be a better conversation to ask some questions that are relevant and designed to provoke some thought…….

Answers are free. Correct answers cost five bucks each………

****Does the starting staff of the Red Sox have enough to compete in a relatively even division imagethat remains up for grabs?

****Does the aging Cardinals team have what it takes to hold off the younger Cubs and Pirates team that are knocking at the door?

****Do the Nationals put aside their differences in the clubhouse and challenge the Mets for a title while finally living up to the potential on paper?

****Willimage Robinson Cano resurrect what was a fledgling career while putting aside what is apparently a poor free agency choice last year?

****Which of the Mets “aces” emerges as the real ace of the starting staff?

****At what point does a injury to aging players like Mark Tiexeria, Brian McCann, or Carlos Beltran turn out to be a godsend to the Yankees so they can turn the team forward with young replacements…… And does Tanaka turn out to be damaged goods……. And how do the Yankees handle the continued demise of CC Sabathia?

****Do the imagePirates have enough to do more than knocking on the door of at least an appearance in the World Series?

****Can the White Sox put the wounds of war ((LaRoche, Williams, Sale, etc) behind them and make a run for the AL Central?

image****Is Don Mattingly in the right place at the right time in Florida as Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez have injury free and breakout years moving the Marlins to challenge in the NL East?

****Do the imageOrioles, Padres, Twins, and Tigers have enough to at least make the season interesting for their fans?

****How will MLB recognize the retirement of Vin Scully as the season moves along?

****How soon will the new rule prohibiting the “area play ” at second base ignite a game reversing call?

****Will the Royals rest on the laurels of last year like the Giants seem to do every other year, or is this the beginning of a “run”?

****Will Clayton Kershaw ever return to earth?

****How often imagewill the Mets second baseman need to jog out to right field to wake up Yeonis Cespedes?

****How many “new” graphics will FOX and ESPN introduce this year as a way of annoying us and diverting our attention from the game being played on the field?

**** Are the Milwaukee Brewers fielding a team this season?



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