Along with me, you may be getting a bit annoyed with the episodic relapses  stemming from Matt Harvey’simage diva personality and his ensuing behavior. 

In his latest rant, he is refusing to speak with the media since last Wednesday because he didn’t like how  he was portrayed in local newspapers following a health scare he had related to a issue with his bladder.

Never mind that anyone living in the New York City area and with any intelligence at all knows that there are clear ways to distinguish  the New York Post and the Daily News from the New York Times, and that both papers use attention getting headlines to attract readers, and that some (actually many) of their headlines fall way short of being imageflattering to the subject of their story.

And never mind that Harvey brought this illness on himself by continuing to regularly “hold it in” instead of relieving the pressure on his bladder. But then again, this is what we expect little boys to do.

Harvey is not a kid. He’s 28 years old and it would be hard to imageimagine that the Mets front office as well as his teammates aren’t getting weary of making excuses for his propensity to whine every time adversity arises in his life.

Matt Harvey wants to be Joe Namath? No problem. Just know that there are consequences for going in that direction ……. because in this town you ain’t seen nothin’ yet……..

Matt Harvey’s first mistake came when he declared that he would like to be the next Derek Jeter in New York even before he won his tenth game in the major leagues. This, while Jeter’s body was still warm andimage not yet mummified at Yankee Stadium . Not good, Matt.

Then, throughout all of 2014 when he was rehabbing following Tommy John, he continually took a stab at the back pages by insisting that he rehab in New York rather than in Florida where this work is normally done. Plus, he kept on the Mets as to when he would return insisting that he would be on the mound in September . He gets a pass on this one as the team goes out of their way to send kudos to him thanking him for his “grittiness”

Then, in Juneimage of last summer when the Mets were reeling backwards and struggling to even stay at .500, Harvey – propelled by his esteemed and calculating agent Scott Boras, announce that if the Mets continue to rack up the innings he is throwing , well then maybe he won’t be able to pitch in the playoffs. Fittingly, and to protect their diva, the Mets and especially Terry Collins make sure that Boras is the villain. Harvey largely gets a pass because after all, he is the diva.

Maybe this all gets erased if Harvey wins 20 games, a Cy Young, and the Mets win a Championship. But then again, imagemaybe not.

Other divas have seen their day come and go when finally their team waves the white  flag realizing that this guy is never going to grow up. Manny Ramirez, for example, could hit a baseball with his first step out of bed, but eventually his antics both on and off the field took him out of Cleveland and Boston and everywhere else he went after that.

Harvey’s future could follow a similar path. There are occasional rumors that he will sign as a free agent with the Yankees following the 2017 season. Naturally, Harvey himself is jettisoning those rumors. He assumes of course that the Yankees would want him and be willing to pay him the money Boras will demand. But, it’s been a long time imagesince the Yankees had a diva on their team. Even A-Rod doesn’t qualify because for all his faults, he’s always been a go-to team guy.

As for the Mets, why would they even bother when they’ll have five younger starters, including Zach Wheeler who is expected back in July, and who are under their control well beyond Harvey’s departure year. 

A better move for the Mets would be to put up with more of what is sure to come this season, win that elusive imageChampionship this year riding his back most of the way, and then trading him in a blockbuster deal that nets them three or four high level prospects – or even better- a one for one deal for Bryce Harper. If the Nationals collapse again as they did last year, that deal would definitely be on the table because it would signal that their clubhouse is indeed infected and wide sweeping changes are needed.

In any event, imageMatt Harvey gets the ball tonight in the season opener against the same Royals who beat him twice in the World Series a few months ago. If he pitches like the Ace Of The Staff he portrays himself to be, all may be forgiven and swept under the rug again. As Dizzy Dean used to say, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up “. 

We’ll see. For now, it’s your stage , Matt…………

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