A few days ago, I more or less blasted Latin Ballplayers for their propensity to engage in elaborate celebrations on the field , especially when they’ve gone yard ……….(See My Wife Has A Question  followedimage by Is Baseball A Racist Sport).

And just a couple of weeks before that, Bryce Harper weighed in with his thought that “Baseball is a tired sport”.

I reacted to that as well with a piece titled Make Way For The New Millennials in which again I held the view that there is a set of unwritten rules in baseball that still exist today and need to be honored by anyone who signs a contract to play in the Major Leagues.

Like many perhaps, I’m still mulling it over. And food for thought came to me in a interview that Carlos Carrera, last year’s Rookie of the Year in the NL gave to Esquire Magazine

Pointed imageand revealing questions are asked of him and he does not shy away from answering them, including his thoughts on the trend to get emotional on the playing field.

This is a pensive young man who answered the question “You were valdectictorian of your high school class?” with just one word….”Sure.” By all accounts, he is destined for stardom and we’ll hear a lot more from him in the future……..

But, I just wanted to share with you his thoughts as they rebound against mine…….. And maybe this will open the discussion up even further (click on the Esquire link above)……..

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