Very much like baseball, the game of politics is played in a high stakes arena with a competitive edge that results in a winner take all grand prize at the end. Losers only get to go home and talk about next year. As an avid follower of both “sports”, here is a piece off the usual subject matter but on a topic that matters so much…….

(Washington , DC, May 6, 2016 Word Press Wire Services)

A nationwide manhunt is on to locate one Donald J Trump (a.k.a. “The Donald”), 69, and formerly a resident of Queens, New York on charges of Grand Larceny. imageIn separate statements issued by Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz, both high level party officials, Trump is being sought for questioning in what some are calling the biggest heist ever perpetrated in America – namely the broad daylight robbery of the Republican Party.

According to one person who was questioned by authorities, Trump “has hidden the loot from the heist where no one will ever find it”. At the same time, the party faithful remains hopeful that Republican law enforcement officials will continue the search in the hope that their party will be returned to them intact and with little or no lasting damage.

Trump, who is believed to be hiding in plain sight, continues his mastery imageof the media and through a spokesman issued the following statement – “Mr. Trump has no intentions of turning his back on millions of his supporters who view him as a modern day Jesse James. And if you don’t want your cookies stolen, don’t leave the jar unattended”.

It is also being imagereported that party officials are seeking a grand jury investigation into the matter and an announcement of its findings will be made public in mid-July in Cleveland, Ohio. If indicted , Mr. Trump will face a jury of his peers later this year on November 8.

Widely viewed as a “loose cannon”, Mr. Trump has defied all odds against imagehim in committing this theft. But back in June of last year he publicly made his intentions known. A team of 16 party investigators stalked and followed him for the next eleven months, but all of their efforts proved to be lame and fruitless. 

A neophyte in the world of crime, Mr. Trump never appeared to have a plan in mind to execute the theft. Nevertheless, when the imageopportunity arose, he took full advantage and picked off his would be captors won by won (sic).

Sources say that many party leaders are in favor of calling in the assistance of their rival law enforcement agency –  the Democratic Party. But this is said to be unlikely as the two agencies have a long history of non-cooperation and insiders say that this is only an indicator of how desparate and divided the party has become in the wake of this embarrassing theft.


  1. Cute! I’m sure The Donald appreciates the free publicity. I know I do:))


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