If you do this long enough as I’ve done now for more than a year or so, you’re bound to get egg on your face once in a while. Now is my time…….because on two occasions here and here 

David Ortiz(and I still think they’re on the mark and worth reading), I’ve pretty much trashed this guy for reasons that have little to do with baseball and more to do with – well – let’s just say his “personna”.

And so, to all Red Sox and David Ortiz fans, please accept my apology because this man has been – and remains – a great baseball talent with a feel for the dramatic that no one else in the game is displaying (Bryce Harper maybe?) or has displayed in recent years.

David Ortiz  imageis stunning at least my baseball world this year. He’s hitting .320 with 10 HR AND 33 RBI. And that ain’t all – he’s leading the league in slugging (.695) and OPS (1.101). Is this the measure of a man of a man walking away from baseball making his “victory lap” around MLB? Yeah, I’d have to say so.

I’ve voted for him twice now as the DH representing the American League and I suspect I’ll do it again as long as I get around to it and they let me.

The man simply has a knack for the dramatic. And in baseball, that’s what we look for as fans. Witness this clip,  a walk-off double to lift the Sox to a win…..

So far, it has to be the best “feel good” story of this season.


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