Remarkably, the season has already reached the one-quarter mark. Trends, a-siegel-deadlineboth good and bad, are settling in and both teams and individuals are beginning to show their true nature – at least for this season. In the spirit of the late and great journalist Jimmy Cannon, here then are some observations that embellish what we see in the standings and player stats…..

***** The Chicago Cubs have scored twice as many runs as their pitching has allowed. That’s all we need to know to explain their stranglehold on the NL Central, no matter how good the Pirates may turn out to be.San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers

***** Might as well carve the names Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale on the Cy Young trophies now.

***** After nine seasons and only one championship as manager of the Yankees, Joe Girardi’s job will be hanging by a thread after the season, no matter what the Yankees do going forward this year.image

***** And if Hal Steinbrenner had half a baseball brain and knew who to replace him with, Brian Cashman would be replaced too.

***** Is it just me or does the shift seem like it’s not as prevalent this year? Maybe, it’s just wishful thinking.

***** Don’t think for a minute that the Royals won’t climb back in this this. They’re too much of a “team” to let the season slide away.

***** Damn if that odd year even year thing isn’t working for the Giants again this year.image

***** Even though it pains me, just to be fair to Matt Harvey who sports a 3-6 record and a ERA in the high five stratosphere, David Price has a similar ERA but the Red Sox are scoring a ton of runs for him so his record stands at 6-1.

***** I still haven’t heard anything from MLB about inviting Vin Scully to call the All Star Game. Shameful.LaTroy Hawkins

***** To even the playing field, the Rockies and the city of Denver should be ordered to build a domed ballpark. But wait a minute – would that solve the problem of “thin air” jetted home runs playing inside instead of outside? Interesting.

***** I swear money must grow on trees in Texas. After only 20 years (infancy for a ballpark), the city of Arlington wants to put up $903 million to build a domed stadium for the Rangers. Must be nice.

***** Wonder what Dallas Keutchel must be thinking about these days?

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