My brother and I did something we haven’t done together since the days back imagein the late Fifties when our little league team made its annual excursion to Yankee Stadium…….and so on a warm and humid night we watched the Tigers and Justin Verlander halt the Yankees modest five game winning streak (leaving me to ask – why did Verlander have to remember who he is on this night)……

A brief downpour one hour prior to game time produced a rainbow over theimage right field stands that personified the entire evening. $7.00 bottled water, $8.50 hot dogs…….no matter……who cared. Snarled traffic, horns blaring for no apparent reason, a $15.00 toll for the privilege to cross the George Washington Bridge…….again…..who cared?

Instead, it imagewas simply a night to care about only one thing……and that was to share each other’s company, remember some old stories, and catch up on some new stories that have a tendency to get lost when geography and distance separates loved ones.

Will we ever do it again…….Id like to think that we will…..but probably not which makes the time even that more fun and precious…..


  1. A truly amazing place…and a RAINBOW? There is no place like NY


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