Dear Mr. Alderson,

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your team dropped three straight to the lowly and rebuilding Braves at home over the weekend. After yesterday’s one hit attack, you now sit in third place six full games behind the Nationals and if the season ended today your guys would be packing their bags…….butimage not for a playoff game. They would be heading home.

Oh, and did I mention that the red hot Royals will be in town tonight for two games. Then you hit the road to Atlanta where you have a underwhelming record of 158-234. Following that you cruise into the All Star Game facing (in order) the Nationals, Cubs, Nationals, Cubs, Marlins, and then the Nationals again.

Now, you’ll probably throw those well worn cliches at me like “Our schedule is not a challenge, it’s an opportunity” and “This is a chance to turn things around” and “Sooner or later our bats will get going”….

Well let me tell you something………there may not be any “later”…..

Yeah yeah……I know……your team has been racked with injuries and you’ve lost your Captain for the season and maybe forever. But here’s something imageyou don’t want to talk about – much less having us even know………how about taking the money you’ll be saving on David Wright’s $25 million that’ll be paid by insurance and picking up a power bat and a high average guy with some speed. You ask me who. I don’t know…..that’s your job. 

But I’ll give you a couple of ideas. How about Johnathan LuCroy a legitimate All Star catcher from the selling Brewers. A .300 hitter with some pop to replace D’Arnaud who can’t seem to stay on the field for more than three games in a row.

Or, how about imagetaking a chance on Denard Span who’s having a off year with the Giants but a .284 lifetime hitter. Yeah, I know you already have too many outfielders. But…….you don’t have any who can hit. See, that’s the problem. Do you see……

Or……maybe it’s time to trade off one of your talented pitchers. No way can it be Syndergaard or Colon…….they’re your mainstays right now. Who can get you the most in return? Not prospects……ready to play bona fide major League players……Sandy, come on it’s staring right at you. He gonna leave in two yearsimage anyway as a free agent and he’s caused you many a sleepless night with his theatrics and “look at me” persona. Do it and don’t look back. This will also solve your problem of what to do with Zach Wheeler when he comes back in a few weeks.

Look, this was imagesupposed to be your “Royal’s Year”where you got a taste of it last year and come back to win it all this year. And don’t say you’ve never thought of it that way because all of the Mets fan base has. And there’s no time to fool around waiting for things to get better because you could easily wind up out of everything permanently by the time the trade deadline is here.

You’ve got imageone of the best managers in baseball in Terry Collins. Give him something to work with. And give your fan base an indication that you see what is NOT happening with this team and you are capable of DOING something about it. Because as Yogi said…..”it sure gets late out here early”…….


Steve Contursi


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