The other 29 teams weren’t exactly knocking down the door of Jose Reyes’s Long Island home, even though he could have been had for theimage major league minimum while Colorado picks up the rest of the $40 million owed to him. No, it was Sandy Alderson and the Mets who came calling and sat down with him (according to legend by now) for a serious one hour “talk” in which they (according to the Mets) laid down the law as to what their expectations of him are off the field.

Really? They have to tell a 34 year old man how to behave…….or else…..what? This is the state of the Mets cheapened brand as we sit here today.

And it gets darker and uglier even than that………

The only thing you need to know about the Wilpons is that they took the “sure bet” File image of New York Mets chairman and CEO Fred Wilpon talking to reporters at a news conference in New Yorkwith Bernie Madhoff and with their greed they almost lost their entire fortune. The Mets have paid for it ever since. Because after that scare, the Mets have operated on the cheap utilizing a conservative and unimaginative approach to all baseball operations. And for that, Met fans continue to pay handsomely.

What is a parent to tell their son when they ask for a Jose Reyes poster to hang in their bedroom? What is a teacher to say when their student decides to write an essay about Mr. Reyes? 

And howimage many chances does he get? Is this it…..or will he be the second coming of  Steve Howe (The Tragic Tale Of Steve Howe) who continued to receive chance after chance after chance despite a roaring cocaine and alcohol abuse problem…..why…..because he was left handed and threw a 95 mph fastball. Funny thing though, as soon as that fastball disappeared, so did he.

And that’s the rub. As long as Reyes can produce on the field, he’ll have a job. Because it’s all about business. Mind you, he’s still subject to prosecution from the “incident” in Hawaii. All his wife has to do is (change her mind) and say do it and thy will be done. 

Nevertheless, imagethe Mets needed a presence in their lineup and they need to score more runs (27th out of thirty teams). So, he becomes the new face of the team in much the same way that a tarnished A-Rod is for the Yankees who “forgave” him for all of his sins when they discovered that he could still hit 20 or more home runs for them.

Lost in the shuffle of course are the Met fans who are clearly more sophisticated than the suits who run the team. Sure, the average Met fan cares aboutimage winning. But they also care about doing it with class. Like the Royals did last year with a cohesive unit and a bunch of “good guys” who played the game and deserved to win. Same with the Yankee fans who came to idolize Derek Jeter and the Core Four who taught all of baseball how to win with pride and determination.

Meanwhile, the Nationals are in a downward spin and the Mets are within three games of first place. But don’t let them fool you…..the upcoming schedule has nothing but the Nationals, the Cubs, and the surging Marlins from now to the All Star break.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Sandy……..

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