Over the last year or so, I’ve managed to write nearly 250 pieces – some good, some not so good. Some widely read, some not read at all.

I’ve noticed that the blog continues to draw interest from countries like Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Spain, and Italy

I’ve noticed too that there is a relationship between what I think is a good column and the higher number of hits it gets from the major search engines.

Instead of reblogging those more popular columns, I thought I’d list them here in case you missed them.

******   Mental Illness And Major League Baseball  11/15/2015

******  Bryce Harper – Another Baseball Brat  9/28/2015

******  Ron Luciano – Baseball’s Most Flamboyant Umpire  2/10/2016

****** It’s All About Location Location …..  7/15/2015

Thanks for your continued readership.shutterstock_71439202



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