Jerry Seinfeld says the rhythm of “Who’s On First?” is like “musical math”. Larry King says it’s  “the funniest imagesketch in the history of comedy teams in show business. I laugh every time I hear it. Abbott and Costello were comedic geniuses.”

Seinfeld elaborates talking about how the routine influenced him as a comedian, writer and baseball fan. Speaking about why baseball lends itself to comedy, Seinfeld says, “Baseball has a heart of gold. It has a humanity that other sports, they just don’t have, for whatever reason, and humanity is funnier.”

The list imageof tributes goes on………In 2012, Jimmy Fallon recreated the entire skit bringing in personalities like Billy Crystal, Seinfeld and other fans of baseball participating as well. You could tell it was a labor of love and that a lot of hard work went into their recreation of the routine.

Such is the force that nearly eight decades…

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