"The definition of insanity is when  you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result"

Albert Einstein

It's becoming an almost arduous task to read our local New York papers these days.image Before the All Star Game, they talked about the "crucial stretch" of games before the break against sub .500 teams that would put together a run and put the team in serious contention. That didn't happen and the Yankees are back where they've been all year at .500.

Now, the talk turns to yet another set of "crucial series" against the Red Sox, Orioles, and Giants. And how A-Rod is asking for and is being given a chance to play first base again - and Nathan Evoldi is being given yet another chance to prove himself as a starter next Tuesday against the Orioles......and blah blah blah........

Like I'm supposed to get excited about all this wishful thinking as a Yankee fan?

I don't think so. I'll tell you what would get me excited though......

And that's if the front office could get a grip on reality by acknowledging that the 2016 Yankees are at best a mediocre and (still) very old team with little or no chance of making the playoffs this season.


And stop treating me like a little kid telling me, "Don't worry son, everything's gonna be all right"......

Because it isn't gonna be all right......

As a franchise, the Yankees are still the gold standard of baseball. And with that (seemingly) comes an image that needs protection by the front office and ownership. imageNever say die. Never lose. Even though sometimes you can win by losing just like you can add by subtraction.

You can add to the team by subtracting Carlos Beltran who will never have greater value than he has now. Same with Ardolis Chapman who will be a free agent following this season. The Cubs are salivating for bullpen help and the Giants need another strong bat. Between these two farm rich teams, the Yankees could net four or even five ready or almost ready (young!) major league players.image

What they aren't saying - but it's the real reason they're standing still - are those all important television ratings and those attendance figures. But even with Beltran and Chapman, YES has already slipped below SNY (Mets) and attendance is down by almost 2,000 per game - and that's counting all those empty seats that were pre-sold. So little to lose that hasn't already been lost - but so much to gain.....

The thing with the Yankees is they don't want to be labeled as a "rebuilding team". Plus, they think their fans will settle for nothing less than a World Series appearance and preferably, a World Championship. It's all about their brand and image - much like Apple, IBM, and Facebook. 

image As a fan, I did expect that when we had the Core Four, George Steinbrenner, and so much more. But, that's over and this team isn't even half what those teams were - and their win total is proving it. That 28th Championship will have to wait.

imageSo, stop with all the bravado and deception. We have six - count them Brian - six teams to jump over to gain the last Wild Card spot. Anybody think that's going to happen? 

Ivan Nova, Chase Headly, Aaron Hicks, CC Sabathia (think he'll have another year like this one?).........these are all disposable players who could, with the exception of Sabathia whose salary would need to be brokered with another team, be packaged in a deal for a AA or AAA prospect or two.

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers

The Yankees keep running these same players out there expecting a different result. Ain't gonna happen, Brian. 

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