About Me

Steve Contursi

Age: 68

Resides: Catskill, New York

Occupation: Teacher, Greene Correctional Facility

Personal Life: Married with two children and four grandchildren


My passion for baseball was born nearly sixty years ago. It blossomed in my teens and ripened throughout my adult years. It’s genesis has never been a mystery to me.

With it’s undying serenity and geometric clarity, baseball fulfills a need for order and reliability we often find lacking in this complex world we live in.

When I was eleven, I played my first Little League game in Poughkeepsie, New York as a left hand catcher. They bought a glove crafted just for me. On my very first at bat, I drove the pitch deep and straight over the center field fence. I thought to myself……wow, this game is easy.

Little did I know then. I never hit another home run in any other organized game.

But before girls and cars, my first love was pitching a baseball. In the mornings before the school bus came, I would ride my bike to the nearest ballfield and throw three balls against the backstop, retrieve them and repeat the process until it was time to ride home.

Unlike my boyhood idols Warren Spahn and Whitey Ford, my singular goal was to strike everyone out. And this would have been a successful plan if I had possessed the control to accomplish that.

I was good. Actually, very good. I taught myself a twelve to six curveball and coupled with a Spahn like moving fastball, I carried baseball dreams with me until a cold and rainy day pitching for the high school league championship when I heard and felt a snap in my elbow. There were no trainers or team doctors in those days………the dream was over although I did manage to pitch in American Legion ball for a few years with the tag “Rag Arm” on me.

Fast forward to the birth and explosion of the internet in the early 2000’s. Around that time, I began to dream a new dream which was to unite my love of baseball with a fledgling interest in creating websites. In 2004, I downloaded Bobby Thompson’s home run and the idea was born. Why not develop a site that contains memorable sound clips for fans to enjoy? With “HTML For Dummies” beside me, my first page was published. Later, three more pages would follow eventually reaching the point where more than five hundred clips were within reach of visitors. Over time and with much patience, Sounds Of Baseball reached the level it enjoys today as one of the top rated baseball websites by all of the top search engines.

Around the same time, I also decided to take advantage of being a teacher and having summers off to travel and visit ballparks across the country. Beginning in 2006 and over the next four years, I managed to visit 23 of the 30 Major League ballparks as well as several Minor League venues. Picturing myself as a traveling journalist I endeavored to capture the spirit and culture of each ballpark with my camera and digital sound recorder. Hence, the birth of Ballparks Across America.

Recently, my attention turned to the future of these websites and modernizing them. Answering a blurb on Sounds, along came Ronnie Redmond. And now, a new dream is being fulfilled through her tireless efforts and undiminished love of baseball. The new website is smart, user friendly, and above all entertaining. It’s also a valuable resource regarding the historical significance of baseball in our culture. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and I feel blessed that our paths in life have crossed.

More recently, I have devoted attention to a blog called Reflections On Baseball  and it has become my new baby.

Looking forward to the 2016 season……


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