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Once again, a-siegel-deadline
in tribute to the late newspaper journalist and reporter Jimmy Cannon, this piece attempts to capture the flavor of what he might be writing about today………

…..The Chosen One in this year’s free agency field images (9)appears to be Ben Zobrist, (right) who is flexible regarding defensive positions and has just enough offensive power to make him a valued addition for several teams. Reasonably priced, watch the scramble for his services carry well into the winter.

…..When are the owners of the Tampa Bay Rays just gonna images (10)wave a white flag and move the team to a real (potentially) big league city? San Antonio, Texas comes to mind……cynically the answer might be pretty simple….despite the underwhelming support of their fan base, the owners are still making $$$$.

…..Even more than his outstanding abilities with a ball imagesor bat in his hand, Zach Greinke is a student of the game. So much so that he was a welcome resource in the Dodgers war room on Draft Day last year. If he wants, his next career will be as a General Manager of a (lucky) major league team. Continue reading


Every once in a while we get a jolt that reminds us that the men who play the boys game we love so dearly are just that……men…..who like us all have frailties. We may tend to look at (and want to believe in)  the caricature we see on the playing field day in and day out as though they were some kind of a wind up toy you send out there until the batteries fade or die out completely. That mirage often coincides with the image of baseball as America’s Pastime and pastoral ambiance. It works well until it doesn’t……..

You might recall, for instance, the piece I wrote about Wilmer Flores who was captured on camera New York Yankeesweeping when he thought he was being traded to another team, when in fact all he was doing is expressing his humanity. It is in this same vein that I believe we should look at the events of the past few days pertaining to CC Sabathia.

CC Sabathia is a man who carried the Yankee’s pitching staff on his back from the Championship season of 2009 through last year when a knee injury and resulting surgery virtually left him for dead with many scribes (including myself) wondering if he would ever pitch for the Yankees again. In truth, he probably struggled with his  need to to learn how to pitch again without his 95mph fastball as much as the illness that was challenging him. These are the stories we will never know……the why and the how……and have no right to know (Shame on the story in the N.Y. Post today). 

All we need to know is that CC is taking care of business for his family and loved ones. Are we shocked and disappointed about the timing of his move forward to rehab with the Playoffs looming? Of course we are, but you can be sure that everyone in that Clubhouse supports his decision to a man because they are the “robots” who go out there to perform for us……….and they get it because they know what it’s like to be on stage in “The Show”.  Good luck CC and we look forward to seeing you on the mound next year……….healing and healthy.


More than any other professional sport in the United States, shutterstock_71439202baseball is entwined with the culture and history of this wonderful country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the celebrations occuring at ballparks across America today and tomorrow. 

Fans of all ages – together with families and friends – will gather togetherimage to see a ballgame played on a diamond and green grass. Minor League Ballparks imagewill offer discounted ticket prices and 25 cent hot dogs. Cotton candy will be sold out by the fifth inning. Young fans of tomorrow will hear that unmistakable crack of the bat for the first time as the ball meets solid wood. 

Dad will tell stories (his wife has heard countless times imagebefore) to his children about when he could play the game too. He’ll point out some of the intricacies of the game to his family too….hoping that they might come to appreciate the game he has come to treasure and love.

And he’ll shamelessly sing off key during seventh inning stretch and Take Me Out To The Ballgame with promises to the kids that the game is almost over and the fireworks display is almost ready to begin. And he’ll remind them to put their gloves back on cause you never know when a foul ball could be hit our way……

image  And the fans will rise and cheer when that player who looks like he has been chiseled from stone and blessed with a myriad of talent strides to the plate for the final time in the game. Will he strike out or hit one of those heat seeking missiles into the stands to win the game……….

It really doesn’t matter because it’s baseball played on the 4th Of July in the United States of America.