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“Where Have You Gone Giancarlo – A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You…..”

Bah injuries! The bane of all professional athletes. They’ll tell you it comes with the territory but when you’re restricted by age time on the playing field is paramount.     And any time lost cannot be given or earned back.

And yes we argue about Ted Williams and how he missed three years piloting a plane during the Korean War during his prime playing years…….and what his numbers would have been…..but that’s just it……the numbers are the numbers.

And so it was sad  to see Giancarlo Stanton mag_giancarlostanton001_saint_1600x1000go down this weekend while (of all things) swinging  at and missing a pitch. He’s scheduled to miss four to six weeks and that includes the All Star Game for which he was to be the starting right fielder for the National League.

With no argument, he is the premier power hitter in the game today.

Another Towering Blast

Another Towering Blast

Moreover, he is the consummate professional the game so dearly needs following the departure of Derek Jeter.

Consider this.  In just 74 games prior to going on the DL, he amassed 26 home runs and 67 RBI. At that pace he could (and in his case probably would) be closing in on 60 home runs and 150 RBI by the end of the 2015 season.

And so,  like Williams his numbers will be his numbers falling far short of those projections and this injury will be a mere footnote in his career narrative.

It’s not like the Florida Marlins are going anywhere. They are a miserable team made even worse now by the loss of Stanton.

Instead it’s the fans who are the real losers when a player of this caliber goes down. Because you don’t leave your seat when he comes to bat…………somthing really special could happen and often it does. One of those towering majestic drives that takes forever to land…..or maybe one of those heat seeking missles that comes off his bat and leaves the yard in a split second……..

Indeed…….a nation of your fans turns its lonely eyes to you………..Come back soon…..we miss you Giancarlo.



All Star Voting – Time For A Change (Again?)

True or false?…….the American people elect the President of the United States.

If you answered false, you are correct. The election of a President is determined by the number of electoral votes – not popular votes. As recently as the 2000 election, Al Gore received more popular votes than George W Bush but lost the election when the Supreme Court granted Bush Florida’s electoral votes.

So much for our history lesson…….but the point is all-starrelevant as we look at this year’s MLB All Star Fan Vote  as of today.

If the current results hold, the Kansas City Royals could field two-thirds of the starters  in the American League – and  Omar Infante would be the starting second baseman over

Omar Infante - our .220 All Star

Omar Infante – our .220 All Star

Jose Altuve – even though he’s struggling to keep his batting average above .220 while Altuve peppers the field with base hits every day.  And for that matter, a vote for Joe Panik of the Giants over Altuve would have merit……..but Infante???

But don’t blame the Kansas City fans. They got the memo from MLB that said “Vote early and vote often”.  They’re just playing by the rules and having a fun time doing it .

Still, it’s an embarrassment to baseball that needs an adjustment. Regrettably, many fans appear to be voting with their hearts – not their head. As an example, when I cast my ballot my heart said to vote for Mark Texieria as a fan of the Yankees. To be sure, he’s having a monster year and my vote would have merit. But my head took over and  Miguel Cabrera clearly deserves the spot at first base.

A better system might be to have the players elect the starters and then have the fans fill out the rest of the team in the spirit of democracy.  After all, who knows better than the players who is deserving of this honor? The All Star Game is diminished enough already……we don’t need to make it worse by “electing” our home town favorites when others are clearly more credible as true All Stars. If we don’t get more serious about this privilege,  you can bet MLB will act sooner rather than later taking the vote away from fans like you and me.